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**The Adventures in the Part Time Land of the Gods ตอน ที่ 27: The Temple of the Sun**

After successfully obtaining the golden feather in the previous episode, the team headed towards the Temple of the Sun. They knew that the next challenge would be tough, but they were determined to retrieve the last artifact of the Gods.

The journey towards the temple was treacherous. They had to cross a deep river, climb a steep mountain and navigate through a dense jungle. But finally, they reached the entrance of the temple.

The temple was enormous, with intricate carvings on the walls and statues of the Sun God, Ra. As they entered the temple, they were greeted by a blinding light. It was so bright that they had to cover their eyes.

Once their eyes adjusted to the light, they saw a path leading to a large room. In the center of the room was a pedestal, and on it rested the artifact of the Sun God. But before they could retrieve it, they had to face the trials of the temple.

**Challenge 1: The Trial of Fire**

The first challenge was to cross a room filled with flame-emitting pillars. The team had to navigate through the pillars without getting burnt. They had to time their movements correctly and coordinated with each other to get through the room safely.

After successfully navigating through the room, they reached the second challenge.

**Challenge 2: The Trial of Puzzle**

The second challenge was a puzzle. There was a wall with a set of symbols, and they had to use the clues provided in the temple to decipher the symbols. It took them a while, but they finally cracked the code and were ready for the third challenge.

**Challenge 3: The Trial of Strength**

The third challenge was a test of strength. There was a massive door that needed to be opened, and they had to do it by pulling levers on opposite ends of the room simultaneously. The catch was that the levers were heavy, and it took all of their strength to pull them at the same time.

But they did it, and the door opened, revealing the final room.

**Challenge 4: The Trial of Faith**

The final challenge was a test of faith. There was a deep chasm that they had to cross, but the only way to do it was by walking on a narrow beam without any support. They had to have faith in themselves and each other to make it through.

After crossing the beam, they finally reached the pedestal with the artifact on it. They picked it up, and suddenly, the temple began to shake. The ancient temple was collapsing, and they had to hurry to get out safely. They ran out of the temple and watched as it crumbled behind them.

They were exhausted, but they felt a sense of accomplishment. They had completed all the trials and obtained all the artifacts. But their journey was not over yet. They had to return the artifacts to the Gods and restore balance to the Part Time Land.


1. What was the artifact they retrieved in this episode?

Answer: They retrieved the artifact of the Sun God.

2. What were the challenges they had to face in the Temple of the Sun?

Answer: The challenges were the Trial of Fire, Trial of Puzzle, Trial of Strength, and Trial of Faith.

3. What did they have to do in the Trial of Puzzle?

Answer: They had to decipher a set of symbols using the clues provided in the temple.

4. What was the final challenge in the temple?

Answer: The final challenge was a test of faith. They had to cross a narrow beam without support over a deep chasm.

5. What was the consequence of obtaining the artifact?

Answer: The temple collapsed, and they had to run out safely.

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