Devil Returns to School Days ตอนที่ 4: การจู่โจมความมืดในโรงเรียน

“Devil Returns to School Days” is a story of horror and suspense that centers around a group of high school students and the strange happenings that occur within their school. The fourth episode, “ความมืดในโรงเรียน,” delves deeper into the darkness that seems to envelop the school and its inhabitants.

The episode opens with the students gathered in their classroom, discussing the recent string of disappearances that have been occurring within their school. Some of the students believe that it is the work of a serial killer, while others are convinced that there is something supernatural at play.

As they continue their conversation, a strange presence begins to make itself known in the room. Objects start moving and the lights flicker, causing the students to panic. When the chaos finally subsides, they realize that one of their classmates, Ploy, is missing.

Determined to find out what happened to Ploy, the students begin to investigate the school. As they search for clues, they discover a hidden room filled with mysterious artifacts that seem to hold a dark power.

As they delve deeper into the room, they find themselves face to face with the Devil himself. He taunts them, telling them that he has been manipulating the students and the school from the very beginning. He reveals that he has been using the students’ darkest fears and desires to fuel his power and create chaos within the school.

The students realize that they must work together to stop the Devil and save their school. They devise a plan to trap him, using the artifacts they found in the hidden room. In a tense battle, they manage to subdue the Devil and seal him away once and for all.

Despite their victory, the students know that their school will never be the same. The darkness that once consumed it has been banished, but the memories of the horror they faced will stay with them forever.


1. The Dark Presence
2. The Mystery Unfolds
3. Face to Face with the Devil
4. Working Together to Defeat the Darkness
5. A New Beginning


Q: Is “Devil Returns to School Days” a true story?

A: No, it is a work of fiction.

Q: Is this episode suitable for children?

A: This episode contains horror elements and is not recommended for young children.

Q: Can I watch this episode without seeing the previous ones?

A: While it is possible to follow the story without having seen the previous episodes, it is recommended that you watch them in order to fully understand the plot and characters.

Q: Will there be more episodes of “Devil Returns to School Days?”

A: The creators of the series have not announced any plans for additional episodes at this time.

Xavier Diaz

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