ปรอท ป่า คือ อะไร? คำอธิบายที่ชัดเจน

ปรอท ป่า คือ อะไร? คำอธิบายที่ชัดเจน


ปรอท ป่า (Pror Pah) is a type of soil that is widely present in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand. This soil is generally known for its fertility, which makes it ideal for agricultural purposes. However, the origin and characteristics of Pror Pah are still not well-known to many people, which is why we will delve into this subject below.

What is Pror Pah?

Pror Pah is the soil in tropical forests with a high percentage of organic matter from fallen leaves and plants. The natural vegetation in these forests grows and decomposes, which contributes to the accumulation of organic matter in the soil. This process also produces dark soil, which is due to the presence of humus, a substance that is formed from the breakdown of dead organic matter.

Characteristics of Pror Pah

Pror Pah is highly fertile because it contains a high percentage of nutrients that are essential for plant growth. These nutrients include nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, which are vital for the development of healthy plants. This soil has a slightly acidic pH, which is ideal for most crops, but it can be acidic in some regions. This soil type also retains moisture well, making it ideal for crops that require regular watering.

Pror Pah is usually found in the lowlands and is characterized by its dark color, soft texture, and good water retention. The soil is highly porous, which allows for good root development and aeration of the soil. In addition, this soil type is rich in microorganisms, which play a crucial role in breaking down organic matter and releasing nutrients for plants.

Uses of Pror Pah

Pror Pah is predominantly used for agricultural purposes due to its incredible fertility. Farmers in Thailand often cultivate crops such as rice, corn, and vegetables using this soil type. The nutrient-rich soil ensures that crops grow quickly and produce high yields, making it a perfect option for commercial farmers.

In addition, forests with Pror Pah soils are an important buffer against the negative effects of climate change. They absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which helps to mitigate the greenhouse effect. Pror Pah forests are also home to a diverse range of plant and animal species that are adapted to the specific soil type.


1. Is Pror Pah soil only present in Thailand?

No, Pror Pah soil is found in many other Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

2. Can Pror Pah soil be used for organic farming?

Yes, Pror Pah soil is ideal for organic farming due to its high percentage of organic matter.

3. What crops are best grown in Pror Pah soil?

Crops such as rice, corn, and vegetables are commonly grown in Pror Pah soil due to its incredible fertility.

4. How can I improve the fertility of Pror Pah soil?

Adding organic matter such as compost or manure can help to improve the fertility of Pror Pah soil. Other amendments such as lime or gypsum can also be used to adjust the soil pH.


Pror Pah soil is a valuable resource in Southeast Asia due to its incredible fertility and high nutrient content. It is a significant soil type that plays a crucial role in the region’s agriculture and ecology. Understanding the origin and characteristics of Pror Pah soil can help both farmers and policymakers make informed decisions about land use and conservation efforts in the region.

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