The Asmongold Charity Scandal: Unveiling The Controversy Surrounding Softthanks

The Asmongold Charity Scandal has created a wave of controversy within the online streaming community, shaking the trust and faith of fans worldwide. Investigative journalists Jacob Wolf and Hunter Cooke uncovered shocking revelations surrounding SoftThanks, a company that organized fundraising campaigns involving influential figures like Asmongold from Their investigation exposed that millions of dollars in charitable contributions were never delivered to their intended beneficiaries. Asmongold’s initial silence and vague response have fueled suspicions among fans, while Brandfluence’s feeble attempts to refute the allegations have only raised further doubts. This article delves into the details surrounding the scandal, shedding light on this disheartening situation.

The Asmongold Charity Scandal: Unveiling The Controversy Surrounding Softthanks
The Asmongold Charity Scandal: Unveiling The Controversy Surrounding Softthanks
Key Takeaways
1. Investigative journalists discovered discrepancies in SoftThanks’ charitable donations.
2. Asmongold chose to remain silent initially, raising suspicions among his fans.
3. Brandfluence failed to provide evidence to refute the claims made by journalists.
4. Asmongold finally addressed the situation but gave no specific details.
5. Legal considerations may limit comprehensive comments on the matter.
6. OTK members discussed the possibility of suing SoftThanks for misusing funds.
7. The scandal prompts debates on accountability and transparency in online charity campaigns.

I. Background on the Asmongold Charity Scandal

The Asmongold Charity Scandal revolves around allegations of misconduct in charitable contributions organized by SoftThanks, a company that arranged fundraising campaigns involving influential figures like Asmongold, a popular online streamer. Investigative journalists Jacob Wolf and Hunter Cooke discovered discrepancies in the delivery of millions of dollars in donations to the intended charitable organizations.

SoftThanks had garnered significant attention by hosting live streams with renowned internet personalities, including Asmongold and Mizkif from OTK. However, it came to light that a substantial portion of the funds raised did not reach the designated recipients. Investigations conducted between 2020 and 2022 revealed that SoftThanks retained around 42% of the donated amount for various fees and expenses.

Background on the Asmongold Charity Scandal
Background on the Asmongold Charity Scandal

II. Investigative Journalism Exposes SoftThanks

Investigative journalists Jacob Wolf and Hunter Cooke uncovered a shocking revelation that would expose the dubious practices of SoftThanks, the company behind the charitable campaigns involving influential figures like Asmongold. Their in-depth investigation revealed that millions of dollars in charitable contributions raised through SoftThanks’ campaigns were never delivered to the promised charitable organizations.

The journalists discovered that SoftThanks had organized live streams featuring popular internet personalities, including Asmongold and Mizkif from OTK, in order to raise funds for various causes. However, it was revealed that while the company managed to raise approximately $6.2 million from broadcasts featuring renowned artists like Asmongold, only $3.6 million of that amount actually reached the intended charitable organizations. This means that a significant portion, specifically 42% of the donated funds, were retained by SoftThanks for various fees and expenses.

III. Asmongold’s Initial Response and Silence

Asmongold’s Controversial Statement

When the news of the charity scandal broke, fans eagerly awaited Asmongold’s response, hoping for transparency and accountability from their beloved streamer. However, to their disappointment, Asmongold chose to remain silent initially, which only fueled suspicions among his followers. During a live broadcast, he faced direct questions regarding the situation but opted not to address the allegations directly. Instead, he controversially expressed, “Who cares about those accusations? I don’t need to explain anything. I won’t try to hide anything because people will see the truth when they examine it.”

Impact on Fan Perception

Asmongold’s dismissive and defensive statement raised eyebrows among fans and the wider streaming community. Many viewers expected a more transparent response given the seriousness of the allegations. As a popular influencer with millions of followers, this initial silence led to speculations and doubts regarding his involvement or knowledge of SoftThanks’ practices. Some fans criticized Asmongold, questioning his integrity and ethics, while others defended him, arguing that legal considerations may have limited his ability to comment openly on the matter.

IV. Brandfluence’s Inadequate Rebuttal

Lack of Specific Evidence

Following the article’s publication, Brandfluence (formerly known as SoftThanks) took to social media to contest the allegations made by Jacob Wolf and Hunter Cooke. However, their response lacked substantial evidence to refute the claims and reassure the public. Instead of providing concrete proof or addressing the specific figures mentioned in the investigation, Brandfluence resorted to general statements and assertions without backing them up.

Contradictions and Unfounded Claims

One of the most glaring contradictions in Brandfluence’s rebuttal was their assertion that charitable organizations had voluntarily worked with them for free. This contradicted the financial information presented by the investigative journalists, who revealed that significant amounts of the donated funds were not reaching the intended beneficiaries. The lack of transparency and failure to provide a detailed breakdown of expenses raised further doubts about Brandfluence’s handling of the funds.

Muffled Communication Amplifies Suspicions

Despite the controversy surrounding SoftThanks and Asmongold, the response from the involved parties remained minimal, with Asmongold and the OTK community maintaining their silence. This lack of open communication and failure to address the allegations adequately only served to amplify suspicions among fans and the general public. The silence created a void that allowed rumors and speculation to fill the gaps, further damaging the reputation of those involved.

V. Mounting Suspicions and Rumors

The Online Community Expresses Doubts

As news of the Asmongold Charity Scandal spread, the online community was quick to express their doubts and raise suspicions. Fans of Asmongold and other streamers closely followed the developments, engaging in discussions across various platforms. Many questioned why Asmongold chose to remain silent initially and why he was reluctant to provide specific details when he finally addressed the situation. The lack of transparency fueled rumors and led some to speculate about the extent of Asmongold’s involvement in the charity scandal. Although the streamer’s dedicated fanbase rallied to defend him, this did little to quell the growing skepticism surrounding the controversy.

Accusations and Speculations Amplify

Amidst the mounting suspicions, accusations and speculations began to amplify within the online community. Some fans speculated that Asmongold’s silence and refusal to address the situation head-on indicated his guilt in the matter. Others hypothesized that legal considerations prevented him from fully disclosing the details of the scandal. The lack of clarity and concrete information surrounding the controversy created a breeding ground for rumors, with different theories circulating about the true extent of SoftThanks’ wrongdoing and Asmongold’s knowledge and involvement. As whispers of potential lawsuits against SoftThanks and discussions about the impact on Asmongold’s reputation grew louder, the scandal became more complex and the public’s curiosity intensified.


The information presented in this article has been gathered from multiple sources, possibly including and various newspapers. While extensive efforts have been made to verify the accuracy of the information, we cannot guarantee that every detail is 100% accurate and verified. Therefore, it is advised to exercise caution when citing this article or utilizing it as a reference for research or reports.

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