Watch Video Girl sees something on plane

In the viral video titled “Girl Sees Something on Plane” a startling incident unfolds, capturing the attention of viewers worldwide. The footage, shared on various social media platforms, depicts a young woman’s harrowing encounter during a flight. As the plane soars through the sky, the camera pans to the visibly distressed woman, her eyes wide with disbelief. To watch the video, click here:

Watch Video Girl sees something on plane
Watch Video Girl sees something on plane

I. Woman sees a ghost on a plane?

The crowd’s attention is focused on the search for a depressed woman who disembarked the plane after claiming to have encountered a non-existent man. Suddenly, the woman’s voice resounds with determination as she rushes towards the aisle of the aircraft, clearly carrying a sense of sadness. She points towards the back of the plane and continues, her voice trembling as if on the verge of tears: “But I want to tell you that there is no woman back there on the plane.” Her serious warning leaves the passengers on the plane astonished, their gazes fixed on her. “You may still be sitting on this plane and you may die with them or not. But I won’t.”

II. Watch Video Girl sees something on plane

III. US Woman Claims To See Someone Unreal In Flight

According to a woman who claims to have heard from an eyewitness, alcohol certainly played a role. TikToker @shenia_rosecho reveals that a fellow passenger informed her that the woman in the video “was clearly seen drinking alcohol before boarding the plane.” After one of her AirPods fell out of her ear, she began accusing her seatmate of stealing them.

A flight attendant quickly intervenes, attempting to calm her down, and that’s when “she turns around and says that there is no flight attendant,” Rose states. Things spiral out of control, and “they had to turn the whole plane around,” Rose continues, and when the woman “starts screaming about how everyone is going to die,” they had to evacuate everyone from the aircraft and conduct a search for bombs or other devices, resulting in a four-hour delay. Rose also notes that she was informed that the woman attempted to return to the plane after all of this drama, but was stopped by airport authorities, with her fellow passengers being relieved.

Comedian Carrot Top happened to be on the same flight bound for Orlando, Florida. “This girl’s lost her mind!!!” Carrot Top wrote on Facebook, commending American Airlines for their handling of the situation. He wrote, “Truly angry that one crazy person can ruin everyone’s plans,” noting that the final flight arrived safely.

However, others have put forth a hypothesis that the woman possesses some kind of supernatural ability and genuinely saw something. Yet, not everyone buys into what happened as simply reported by @shenia_rose. The position of TikToker and medium @kellythemagicalmedium is that the woman may have had psychic abilities and might have seen “something at the back [of the plane] that no one else could see.”

Watch Video Girl sees something on plane

IV. American Airlines flight passengers’ reaction to the woman

1. Surprise

Passengers on the American Airlines flight were taken aback by the woman’s sudden outburst and serious claims. As she made her way towards the aisle, pointing towards the back of the plane, the other passengers watched in a mix of surprise and concern. They could sense the sadness and distress in her voice as she emphatically stated that the woman she referred to did not exist.

2. Initial reaction

The passengers’ initial reactions varied, with some becoming increasingly alarmed by the woman’s words and demeanor. They couldn’t help but contemplate the gravity of her warning and the potential implications for their own safety. The seriousness of the situation began to sink in as they realized the woman’s conviction in her statement.

3. Confusion and uncertainty

Amidst the confusion and uncertainty, the passengers looked to the flight attendants for guidance and reassurance. The flight attendants swiftly intervened, attempting to calm the situation and maintain order on the aircraft. Their presence and efforts helped to alleviate some of the passengers’ anxieties, although the underlying tension remained palpable.

4. Search on the plane

As the events unfolded further and the situation escalated, leading to the evacuation and subsequent search of the aircraft, the passengers’ emotions likely ranged from confusion and frustration to concern for their own well-being. The unexpected turn of events disrupted their travel plans and subjected them to an extended delay, causing inconvenience and distress.

5. Reassurance of the flight attendant

While some passengers may have found solace in the airline’s handling of the situation, as commended by Carrot Top, others might have felt a lingering unease and uneasiness, pondering the true nature of the incident and the claims made by the woman. The reactions and thoughts of the passengers would likely have varied, reflecting their individual perspectives and experiences during this unusual and unsettling episode.

Watch Video Girl sees something on plane

V. Carrot Top was on the same flight as the woman who spoke out about the ‘bogus’ passenger

Comedian Carrot Top recounted his experience on the same American Airlines flight with a woman who caused a flight delay after speaking negatively about wanting to disembark the plane due to a “non-existent” passenger.

“Some lady lost her marbles,” said the comedian, whose real name is Scott Thompson, in one of the three Instagram videos he posted about the incident, which is currently circulating. He explained that he and the other passengers were forced to deplane in Dallas before it took off, en route to Orlando, Florida.

Thompson mentioned that the unidentified woman was “yelling like, ‘F— this, this! You all are gonna die! Get me off this damn plane!’ So, we got off the plane. She got her wish.”

He further noted that the passengers had to wait at the gate while officials inspected the plane to see if there was anything wrong. “

Watch Video Girl sees something on plane

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