The Harlem Shake Poop Archive Twitter Video Featuring Blippi

In the article “Harlem Shake Poop Archive Twitter Video” on, we explore the shocking incident in Blippi’s past and his transformation into the popular children’s icon we know today. Stevin John, formerly known as Steezy Grossman, was involved in a controversial video titled “Harlem Shake Poop”. This video gained attention for its outrageous performance where Steezy humorously had diarrhea onto his naked friend’s bare buttocks. Despite this scandalous past event, Stevin John adopted the persona of Blippi and became an educational sensation on YouTube.

The Harlem Shake Poop Archive Twitter Video Featuring Blippi
The Harlem Shake Poop Archive Twitter Video Featuring Blippi
Key Takeaways
Blippi (Steezy Grossman) was involved in a shocking video titled “Harlem Shake Poop” before his transformation into an educational children’s icon.
Blippi’s real name is Stevin John, and he created comedic videos under the name Steezy Grossman, featuring titles like “Turdboy” and “Underwear Man”.
Despite his past, Blippi has become a prominent educational figure on YouTube, with millions of subscribers and a range of official products.
The Blippi empire has grown significantly, incorporating the Blippi Toys channel, the Spanish-language Blippi channel, toys, books, and clothing.
While Blippi’s past may shock some fans, many parents still consider him a positive choice for their children’s education on YouTube.

I. The Controversial Past of YouTube Star Blippi

Blippi, originally known as Steezy Grossman, has a controversial past that resurfaced when a video titled “Harlem Shake Poop” gained attention back in 2013. In this video, Steezy humorously portrayed a shocking performance where he had diarrhea onto the bare buttocks of his naked friend, following the trend of the “Harlem Shake” meme at that time.

Before adopting the persona of Blippi, Stevin John (Blippi’s real name) created comedic videos under the name Steezy Grossman. Some of the titles of these videos included “Turdboy” and “Underwear Man.” These videos showcased a different side of Stevin John’s humor, which contrasted with his educational content as Blippi.

The Controversial Past of YouTube Star Blippi
The Controversial Past of YouTube Star Blippi

II. The Harlem Shake Poop Video: A Shocking Incident

During his earlier days on YouTube, Blippi, then known as Steezy Grossman, found himself involved in a highly controversial video titled “Harlem Shake Poop.” The video, following the trend of the popular “Harlem Shake” meme, took an unexpected turn when Steezy humorously simulated having diarrhea onto the bare buttocks of his naked friend. The shocking nature of the performance gained attention and stirred up controversy.

While the “Harlem Shake Poop” video may have been seen as outrageous and offensive to some, it serves as a reminder of Blippi’s past and the transformation he underwent to become the beloved children’s icon he is today. Despite the controversy surrounding this particular video, it is important to consider the context in which it was created. Blippi has openly acknowledged that it was a part of his comedic past, occurring during his twenties, before he transitioned into the educational figure loved by millions of children.

Key Points
The “Harlem Shake Poop” video featured Blippi, then known as Steezy Grossman, humorously simulating having diarrhea onto his friend’s bare buttocks.
This controversial video gained attention for its shocking and outrageous nature.
The video was part of Blippi’s comedic past and occurred when he was in his twenties.
Blippi has since transitioned into an educational figure, creating safe and engaging content for children.

III. Blippi’s Transformation: From Controversy to Educational Icon

The Origin of Blippi and His Past as Steezy Grossman

Before becoming the educational sensation known as Blippi, Stevin John had a controversial past under the name Steezy Grossman. He was involved in a shocking video titled “Harlem Shake Poop,” which caught attention due to its outrageous performance and humorously explicit content. Although this video may have raised eyebrows, it played a significant role in shaping Stevin John’s journey towards becoming the beloved children’s icon we know today.

The Reinvention of Stevin John as Blippi

In his twenties, after leaving his comedic past behind, Stevin John decided to create a new persona for himself – he became Blippi. Transitioning away from the controversial and explicit content of his earlier videos, Blippi emerged as an educational character exploring toys and everyday objects on YouTube. With cheerful enthusiasm, colorful attire, and an engaging teaching style, he captivated young audiences while maintaining a focus on learning through play.

Blippi: A Positive Educational Figure for Children

Despite the eyebrow-raising events from his past, many parents still view Blippi as a positive choice when it comes to their children’s YouTube education. Blippi’s main YouTube channel boasts over 3.5 million subscribers who appreciate his fun-filled approach to teaching various subjects such as colors, numbers, letters, and more. Alongside his main channel are other related channels like “Blippi Toys” that cater specifically to showcasing toys featured in his videos and even a Spanish-language channel.

Stevin John’s evolution from his earlier comedic persona, Steezy Grossman, to the cherished educational figure Blippi is a testament to the transformative power of resilience. While his past may have been dotted with controversies, John’s ability to navigate those challenges speaks volumes about his commitment to growth and adaptation.

IV. Conclusion

Embracing the Educational Realm

Blippi’s pivot towards creating educational content for children on YouTube reflects a conscious choice to channel his creativity in a positive direction. The transition showcases not only a shift in content but also a commitment to making a meaningful impact on the lives of young viewers, providing them with engaging and enriching educational experiences.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

In the world of online entertainment, the journey from controversy to educational stardom is a unique narrative that resonates with audiences. Stevin John’s legacy as Blippi will be remembered not just for its beginnings but for the transformative journey that has left an indelible mark on the landscape of children’s digital content. It serves as a reminder that personal growth and reinvention can shape a lasting and positive impact on one’s career and public perception.

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