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Non Human Academy episode 1

In Non Human Academy episode 1 we are introduced to Ryuuichi Naruhodou, a new student at the Non-Human Academy. This academy is full of all kinds of non-human creatures like vampires, werewolves, and demons. In this episode, Ryuuichi becomes lost on campus and encounters a mysterious creature. Along the way, he also meets Zero Kiryu, a vampire, Kurogiri, a werewolf, and Kii Nekoyanagi, a catgirl. As Ryuuichi navigates this new world, he discovers a dangerous criminal organization called the Sky Scenario. To find out more about this organization and protect his new friends, Ryuuichi must uncover the secrets hidden within Non-Human Academy. To watch Non-Human Academy Episode 1 head over to

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Non Human Academy episode 1
Non Human Academy episode 1

I. Non-Human Academy: extraordinary ones

Non Human Academy
Non Human Academy

Fei Ren Xueyuan; Non-Human Academy

  • Type: ONA
  • Country: China
  • Premiered: Spring 2018
  • Date aired: Jun 25, 2018 to Jun 25, 2018
  • Status: Completed
  • Genres: Action
  • Scores: 6.31 by 389 reviews
  • Duration: 3 min
  • Episodes: 1
Non Human Academy tells the story of Ryuuichi Naruhodou, a new student entering Non-Human Academy, where non-human beings such as werewolves, vampires, half-gods, demons, werewolves and many more Other types of creatures can learn and develop their skills.

In this world, non-human beings are threatened by a black organization called Sky Scenario, and they are seeking to usurp the power of these creatures. Ryuuichi along with his new friends begin to investigate the truth about this organization, search for evidence and fight against fearsome enemies.

Along the way, Ryuuichi and his friends encounter many trials and dangers. But with their solidarity, intelligence, and skill, they will come together to deal with the difficulties and protect this world from the cruelty of the Sky Scenario organization.

II. Non Human Academy episode 1

In Non Human Academy episode 1 we are introduced to the main character of the story, Ryuuichi Naruhodou, as he enters Non-Human Academy. He is amazed by the variety of non-human beings in the school, from werewolves to vampires, half-gods, demons, and more.

There, Ryuuichi meets several other students, including Zero Kiryu, a cold-blooded vampire; Kurogiri, an active werewolf; and Kii Nekoyanagi, a smart cat.

While Ryuuichi was searching for his classroom, he got lost on campus and encountered a strange creature. But as he managed to stay away from the creature, he got lost in the forest and encountered a mysterious man.

This man revealed to Ryuuichi a secret related to the Sky Scenario black criminal organization, and began to help him learn about the truth behind this organization.

Episode 1 of Non-Human Academy highlights the diversity of non-human beings in the school, introduces the main character, and leads the audience on a promising and mysterious adventure.

Non Human Academy episode 1
Non Human Academy episode 1

III. Characters in the movie Non-Human Academy

Non-Human Academy features a diverse range of characters with distinct strengths, abilities, and personalities. Here are some comments about some of the main characters in the film:

  • Ryuuichi Naruhodou: The main character of the story, is a new student at Non-Human Academy. He is intelligent, courageous and full of spirit against injustice and oppression. He is also very kind and sincere.
  • Zero Kiryu: A cold and lonely vampire, Zero has the ability to manipulate blood and create a gun with his blood. Although he seems unapproachable, he is actually a very kind person and works hard to help others.
  • Kurogiri: An energetic and fun werewolf. Kurogiri often makes jokes and brings joy to those around him. He is also very dedicated and always ready to help his friends.
  • Kii Nekoyanagi: An intelligent and agile cat. Kii has the ability to see through walls and read people’s thoughts. She is a good learner and very meticulous in her work.
  • Cain Madhouse: A mysterious and terrifying character, Cain is a human being said to be dangerous and difficult to approach. He is a professional assassin and has a very good fighting ability.

The characters in Non-Human Academy are very diverse and have distinct personalities, powers, and abilities. The combination of these personalities makes the film rich and engaging.

Characters in the movie Non-Human Academy
Characters in the movie Non-Human Academy

IV. Review movie Non-Human Academy episode 1 english sub

Non Human Academy Episode 1 did a good job of introducing the audience to the main characters, along with the variety of non-human beings in the school. The content of episode 1 also helps the audience better understand the world and the context of the drama.

An important highlight of episode 1 is the introduction of the Sky Scenario criminal organization, a threat facing non-human beings. This has aroused the audience’s curiosity and interest in the following episodes.

Episode 1 also helps the audience better understand the personality and abilities of the main character, Ryuuichi, and his new friends like Zero, Kurogiri, and Kii. These characters are introduced in a clear and full personality, making it easy for the audience to empathize and follow their adventures in the following episodes.

Movie Non Human Academy Episode 1 did a good job of introducing the content, main characters and setting of the film, and aroused the audience’s interest in the next episodes.

Review movie Non-Human Academy episode 1 english sub
Review movie Non-Human Academy episode 1 english sub

V. Watch a movie Non Human Academy Episode 1

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