Watch viral girl video 14 years 2023 on Twitter

In the digital age, where viral content is part and parcel of our daily lives, a recent viral girl video 14 years 2023 posted by a 14-year-old girl on Twitter has caught the Internet’s attention. The video, which dives deep into her daily skincare routine aimed at combating the natural process of aging, has triggered heated debates and controversies across various social platforms. The video became viral in no time, leaving netizens engrossed and intrigued. You can read about the entire incident and access the video via this link on

Watch viral girl video 14 years 2023 on Twitter
Watch viral girl video 14 years 2023 on Twitter

I. What is viral girl video 14 years 2023?

1. Video of a 14-year-old girl sharing her daily skin care routine

A recent video has taken the internet by storm, featuring a young 14-year-old girl who shared her daily skincare routine, aimed at combating the natural process of aging. The video has sparked intense debates and discussions on whether we, as a society, are inadvertently conveying a negative message about aging to our younger generations.

2. The young girl’s video has attracted widespread attention on Twitter

The young girl’s video has captured widespread attention on Twitter, particularly for its negative implications. The video was uploaded on this social media platform by a user who described it as “bleak”. This description paints a stark picture of the unrealistic beauty standards that today’s adolescents are under enormous pressure to adhere to.

3. The disturbing reality presented by this video

The video acts as a startling reflection of the immense pressure that the current societal and beauty norms place on teenagers, setting a high bar for them to live up to, often involving the need to maintain a youthful appearance at all times. The concerning reality brought forward by this video is stirring conversations on the internet about the unrealistic beauty standards that adolescents face in today’s society.

4. The video posted on Twitter is seen by many as a disappointing illustration

This young girl’s decision to take up an anti-aging skincare routine at such a tender age has been met with wide-ranging criticism. The video, posted on Twitter, is seen by many as a disheartening illustration of the unattainable beauty standards that are imposed on teenagers in today’s world. The reactions it has sparked reflect a broader societal concern about the intense pressure on adolescents to comply with unrealistic beauty norms, often revolving around maintaining a perpetually youthful appearance.

II. Watch viral girl video 14 years 2023 on Twitter

III. Video content posted by Twitter user @ycsm1n

1. Twitter user @ycsm1n

In the video in question, uploaded on June 14 by a Twitter user by the handle @ycsm1n, the young girl takes viewers through her detailed skincare regime, elaborating on the vast array of products that make up her daily routine. She reveals that her regimen includes consuming two apple cider vinegar pills twice a day, applying retinol also twice daily, using two facial masks per day, and meticulously tending to the skin around her neck area.

2. She revealed that she started this intensive skin care regimen when she was 14 years old

This young girl doesn’t stop there; she also reveals more intricate details about her skincare practices. She applies a generous amount of sunscreen, which she quantifies as “three fingers worth” on her face. She drinks green tea with honey as a natural anti-inflammatory remedy and even goes to the extent of using construction paper to shield herself from harmful UV rays while riding in a car. Remarkably, she discloses that she initiated this intensive skincare regimen when she was just 14 years old.

3. This young lady meticulously explains her skincare routine

The Twitter user, @ycsm1n, posted the video on the 14th of June, in which this young girl meticulously explains her skincare procedure that involves a variety of products used on a daily basis. In the video, she divulges that her daily routine includes the intake of two apple cider vinegar capsules, twice each day, the application of retinol, again twice daily, putting on two face masks per day, and caring with utmost diligence for her neck skin.

4. The girl also shared more practices that she adheres to

In addition to her already intensive routine, the girl shares further practices she adheres to. She applies sunscreen liberally, likening the quantity to “three fingers worth”, drinks green tea mixed with honey to combat inflammation, and even resorts to the use of construction paper as a UV shield when traveling in a car. Intriguingly, this intensive skincare regime was something she took up at the young age of just 14, as she reveals in her video.

Watch viral girl video 14 years 2023 on Twitter

IV. On TikTok, the hashtag #skincare has attracted more than 50 billion views

1. The video doesn’t just happen to young girls

There are indications that the issue depicted in the video is not isolated to the young girl alone. Today, on the popular app TikTok, the hashtag #skincare has attracted more than 50 billion views, with numerous individual videos garnering millions of views each. Anti-aging, in particular, is becoming a distinct niche within the app, with users sharing advice and transformation videos post-testing various skincare methods.

2. This message is reaching the consumer base

This messaging is reaching a young consumer base that is increasingly conscious about signs of aging. More worryingly, while these young individuals may not physically be at risk by using these products, there are escalating concerns about the critical scrutiny they apply to their own appearances.

3. Elena Cavender confirmed the content on the TikTok app

Elena Cavender, a 23-year-old writer, penned an article for Mashable in January, asserting that content on the TikTok app is “perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards.” Alongside other writers and beauty authors, Cavender has criticized the excessive investment in making skin appear “perfect,” which means no unevenness in tone or texture, no visible pores, no wrinkles, just a smooth and reflective surface, which is far from the natural appearance of a human face.

Watch viral girl video 14 years 2023 on Twitter

V. The backlash highlights growing concern about how social media is impacting young people’s body image

1. The backlash underscores the growing concern

The surge of backlash underscores the escalating concern about the influence of social media on the body image perceptions of young people. Social media platforms have increasingly become integral parts of our daily lives, particularly for younger generations. However, this comes with a myriad of potential consequences, one of the most poignant being the creation and reinforcement of potentially harmful beauty standards.

2. Depicts an ‘ideal’ body image, a ‘perfect’ lifestyle and a ‘flawless’ complexion

These platforms, like TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter, often become stages for the portrayal of ‘ideal’ body images, ‘perfect’ lifestyles, and ‘flawless’ complexions, all of which can be manipulated through filters, photo editing, and selective posting. Young users, in their formative years, may absorb these skewed representations as normal or aspirational, impacting their self-esteem and body image.

3. The message that they need to fight natural processes like aging

In the context of the skincare video, it’s evident that very young users are receiving messages that they need to fight against natural processes such as aging, even before it’s biologically relevant for them. This type of content contributes to the existing societal pressure to maintain a youthful appearance and could potentially lead to harmful behavior, like overuse of products or adoption of extreme skincare routines at an early age.

4. The backlash arising from this incident

With the backlash arising from this incident, it serves as a stark reminder of the need to address the psychological and emotional impact of such unrealistic portrayals on social media platforms. Educating young users about the reality behind these ‘picture-perfect’ images and promoting positive, diverse, and realistic representations of people are crucial steps towards a healthier digital environment.

Watch viral girl video 14 years 2023 on Twitter

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