Isekai Nonbiri Nouka: ชีวิตเกษตรตามใจในต่างโลกมังงะ บทสรุปและความน่าสนใจ

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka: ชีวิตเกษตรตามใจในต่างโลกมังงะ

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka, which translates to “Relaxing Farm Life in Another World,” is a popular manga series written by Kinosuke Naito and illustrated by Yasuyuki Tsurugi. It follows the story of Taichi Nishimura, a workaholic who died in a traffic accident and reincarnated into a fantasy world full of magic and mythical creatures. In this new world, Taichi decided to live a peaceful life as a farmer and cultivates his crops in a small village. The story has gained popularity among readers for its unique plot and the beautifully illustrated world.


The story begins with Taichi Nishimura working hard at his 9-5 job, but due to his workaholic nature, Taichi ends up dying in a traffic accident. Surprisingly, he wakes up in a magical world, and soon, he discovers that he has magical powers. After realizing the opportunities that came with the new world, Taichi decided to live a peaceful life as a farmer and grow crops in the village. Taichi’s lifestyle is quite laid-back, and as he spent his days working in the fields, he found himself enjoying his life to the fullest.

The world that the story is set in is quite fantastical, and the characters are all unique in their ways. Taichi meets a lot of characters on his journey, and he ends up helping many of them. His encounters with the mythical creatures further intensify the plot and make the readers want to read more.


The protagonist of the story, Taichi Nishimura, is an office worker who dies in a traffic accident and is reborn in a magical world. He took up farming as a way of enjoying his life, and it eventually became his primary source of income.

Another prominent character is Sarasa, a young girl who ends up as Taichi’s friendly rival. Sarasa is a skilled farmer in the village and has even won multiple crops national contests.

There are also other characters like Taichi’s friends, Kozue and Kousuke, who end up working in the fields with him. Other characters are also introduced later, like the cleric Eru, the Duke of Yarizen, and even a giant orc who becomes Taichi’s bodyguard.


The art style of Isekai Nonbiri Nouka is stunning and colorful. The artist, Yasuyuki Tsurugi, has done a fantastic job of bringing this magical world to life. The manga is filled with beautiful illustrations of the countryside and the fantasy creatures in the story. The depiction of the crops and the farming techniques used are also quite intricate, making it quite realistic.


Overall, Isekai Nonbiri Nouka is an enjoyable read, and the story is quite engaging. The idea of someone being reincarnated into another world is not new, but the way the story has been developed is quite unique. The characters are well developed, and the introduction of mythical creatures and the magical world make the read feel like an escape from reality.

The themes of the story are also quite refreshing. In a world where people focus on their work and forget to enjoy their lives, Taichi’s lifestyle appears quite admirable. His enjoyment of his new world and the small things in life is quite inspirational.


1. Is Isekai Nonbiri Nouka worth reading?

Yes, definitely. The manga is beautifully illustrated, and the story is quite engaging, making it an enjoyable read.

2. Is there an anime adaptation of Isekai Nonbiri Nouka?

Unfortunately, no. The manga has yet to be adapted into an anime series.

3. Is the manga easy to understand?

The manga is relatively easy to understand. The dialogue is simple and easy to follow, even for readers who are not fluent in Japanese.

4. How many volumes does the manga have?

The manga currently has 15 volumes but is still ongoing.

In conclusion, Isekai Nonbiri Nouka is a must-read for anyone who loves manga about fantasy, farming, and cultivation. The characters are endearing, the art is exquisite, and the story is engaging. It’s a manga that will take you on a journey to a magical world full of wonder and adventure, and leave you feeling inspired to live life to the fullest.

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