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คำคม ไทย ที่มีข้อคิดคิดเห็นคนไทยต้องจำ

คำคม or proverb is a phrase or a saying that encapsulates a wise or moral lesson. In Thailand, proverbs have been passed down from generation to generation, and they are still important to Thai people today. Proverbs can be used in various situations, and they are often used to teach children about morals, values, and ethics. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular proverbs in Thailand and why they are important for Thai people to remember.

Popular Thai Proverbs

1. มือใหม่ช่างไม่ได้งานเลย (Meu mai chang mai dai ngaan leay) – This proverb means that a new hand in something won’t do the job as well as someone experienced. It teaches people the importance of learning from experience and that experience is valuable in any field.

2. หนี้สาธารณะไม่มีใครผ่อนผัน (Nee sathaan mai mee krai ponphan) – This proverb means that public debts have to be paid no matter what. It’s a reminder to be responsible and accountable for one’s actions and to always be aware of the impact they have on others.

3. กินนอกคือกินใน (Gin nok keu gin nai) – This proverb means that what you eat outside is what you eat inside. It’s an admonishment to always be true to one’s self and to never compromise one’s principles or morals.

4. ทำบุญได้บุญตาม (Tam boon dai boon tam) – This proverb means that you will reap what you sow. It’s a reminder that good actions will be rewarded, while bad actions will have consequences.

5. ความจริงคือความสุข (Kwaam jing keu kwaam sukh) – This proverb means that the truth is the source of happiness. It teaches people the importance of honesty and integrity, and that living a life of truth is the key to happiness.

Why These Proverbs Are Important

Thai proverbs have been around for centuries, and they continue to be relevant to Thai people today. They teach valuable lessons about life, morality, and ethics that are still applicable in modern society. Here are some reasons why these proverbs are important:

1. They Serve as a Guide to Life – Thai proverbs offer guidance on how to live a good and fulfilling life. They provide moral and ethical principles that can help people navigate difficult situations and make the right decisions.

2. They Encourage Wise Choices – By teaching valuable lessons about life, proverbs encourage people to make wise choices that are in line with their values and priorities. This helps them avoid making mistakes that could lead to regret or guilt.

3. They Promote Cultural Identity and Unity – Thai proverbs are part of the country’s cultural heritage, and they help promote a sense of cultural identity and unity. They are a shared experience that connects Thai people from different backgrounds and regions.

4. They Foster Respect for Tradition – Thai proverbs are part of traditional Thai culture, and they are a reminder of the importance of respecting and preserving cultural traditions. They are a link to the past and help keep Thai culture alive and relevant in the present.

5. They Encourage Self-Reflection – Thai proverbs often encourage people to reflect on their own behavior and decisions. They challenge people to be honest with themselves and to strive for personal growth and self-improvement.


Q: Are Thai proverbs still relevant today?

A: Yes, Thai proverbs are still relevant today. They serve as a guide to life and offer valuable lessons about morality, ethics, and personal growth that are still applicable in modern society.

Q: Are Thai proverbs unique to Thailand?

A: No, proverbs are a universal feature of human culture, and they can be found in many different cultures around the world. However, Thai proverbs are unique to Thailand and reflect the country’s cultural heritage and values.

Q: How are Thai proverbs taught to children?

A: Thai proverbs are often taught to children through stories and fables. Parents and teachers use these stories to teach children valuable lessons about life, morality, and ethics. Proverbs are also incorporated into textbooks and other educational materials.

Q: How do Thai people use proverbs in their daily lives?

A: Thai people use proverbs in various ways in their daily lives. They can be used to provide advice or guidance in difficult situations, to challenge or criticize someone’s behavior, or to express approval or admiration. Proverbs are often used in conversation, literature, and media.

In conclusion, Thai proverbs are an important part of the country’s cultural heritage and values. They offer valuable lessons about life, morality, and ethics that are still relevant today. By teaching these lessons, proverbs encourage people to make wise choices, strive for personal growth, and respect cultural traditions. Thai people continue to incorporate proverbs into their daily lives, ensuring that this cultural heritage is passed down to future generations.

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